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Why is it always the arabs?

Terrorists seem to always be arabs, and why is that? There seem to be several reasons.

First, a lack of education. The least educated people always seem to spend a lot of time with religion.  Depending on what religion they follow, some seem to emphasize death to non-believers more than others. In the case of Islam, somehow there is a lot of stuff that teaches an eye for an eye and Jihad at the drop of a hat.


The idea that it is ok to harm innocent people in order to exact revenge on those who have wronged you is a strange idea. They point to the supposed evils of the military of a particular country, but instead of striking at the military, which is usually vastly superior and would crush them, they seek to strike at the unsuspecting civilians who don’t even have a weapon in their hands to defend themselves.

If a military makes a mistake and attacks civilians, that’s one thing, but if you proactively target civilians on purpose, shame on you.

What kind of training do terrorists do?

You see a lot of videos of terrorist training camps where they are doing a lot of physical exercises to prepare them for battle. Yet, most of them look pretty skinny, so what are they doing? Most of the video shows bodyweight training and overall general physical fitness workouts designed to enhance endurance and cardiovascular fitness. What seems to be lacking, is any kind of strength training with weight lifting equipment like what you see here.

The question is, why don’t they train with weights? Training with weights has proven to be very effective at increasing muscle mass and strength. That’s an important aspect of being battle-ready and being able to carry a lot of gear or a fellow countryman out of harm’s way. The US Army has body fat standards and weight standards that all soldiers must abide by in order to be eligible for promotion and tons of other benefits.